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Sep 14, 2013

I Cannot Believe They Did This!

MaryAnn Gaver

It's absolutely chilling and shocking that Germany took the Wunderlich children from their parents for the simple reason that they homeschool. Can you imagine sitting at your table to coordinate the day's academic lessons and agenda --- then to suddenly encounter 20 people at your door who proceed to forcibly take your children?   

When I read Mike Farris' update, You won't believe this: A German defends removing children on Thursday, September 5th, I was so dismayed. It sent a chill up my spine when I read  Mr. Schmidt's cold-hearted, arrogant response.

I thought of the anguish that the Wunderlichs must be feeling. Immediately I called the embassy to register my comments, and to urge them to reunite this family. I also e-mailed the embassy, all the while wondering if Germany is returning to a pre- World War II mindset.

I just got finished reading Mike Farris' e-mail yesterday - We Need To Shame Germany "Stop Your Kidnapping" and how we can help by donating to the Homeschool Freedom fund.

A few days ago, Charity Klicka wrote an excellent piece outlining the whole story of the Wunderlichs. Let your kids, friends, and other homeschooling families know about what's happening in Germany, and encourage them to pray, too.

I guess the whole thing comes down to the question, "To whom do my children belong?" Not to the state! Children are given to parents by God. Something to think about as we stand up for parental rights... 

Stay faithful in teaching.