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Aug 16, 2012

HSLDA High School Fall Activities – Save the Dates!

Becky Cooke

   From the number of phone calls and emails we are receiving, you all are busy making final preparations for a new school year.

   Before your calendars are completely full, take a look at what’s going on for you at HSLDA and maybe in your area.

   It’s time to register for teacher training days offered at Patrick Henry College, Purcellville, VA, in October and November. Registration is available online, along with information on the schedule of the day and sessions offered. You won’t want to miss it! Here are a few of the comments we’ve received from past attendees.

   “…Thank you for the excellent workshops…on homeschooling through high school. It felt GREAT to know I’m on the right track! …For where I am in my homeschool journey (and I also have a toddler, so I know I have a long way to go!), I needed that recharge. Your message helped re-focus my heart on the big finish…. I am newly inspired for the coming year and the challenges it will bring. So, your effort was worth the investment for at least one homeschool!!” -Kristi

   “The class was so helpful…and encouraging, packed with resources, help, ideas, and fun. That class has made an amazing impact on our homeschool, and has given me the ability to do what needs to be done to do this right.” -Ruthanne

   “I was writing down questions as I was listening to the seminars, and by the end I looked back and I was able to cross them off either because I heard the answer in the seminar or I now knew where to find the answer. Thank you!” -Judy

   In addition to the teacher training days, Diane and I will be speaking at several venues in Alabama, Indiana, and New York. If you are close by, contact the hosts and join us.  

   Maybe you are too far to take advantage of these opportunities. We don’t want to leave you out of the fun so we taped the teacher training sessions and you can order them online from HSLDA’s bookstore, to listen at your leisure. Or…if you are in charge of support group meetings, listening to a session together and discussing it will instruct and encourage more families.

   I want to throw out another idea to consider. If you would like to bring these training sessions to your area, give us a call and we will help you plan such an event. You’ll be surprised how little time it takes to organize the day and what a great time everyone has.