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Nov 6, 2012

Homeschooling Moms, Unite!

MaryAnn Gaver

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.   ---- William Ross Wallace 

     So true, yet so easy to forget!

Hi everyone!

     In all 50 states, mothers are teaching at home, nurturing their children & managing the homestead -- raising the next generation.  It's the most important job in the world & by far the most strategic place to work! 

       In a recent blog, we talked about how at times, we  feel that we're teaching in total obscurity, without accolades or fanfare.  True.  But God has us in the exact place where we can make the greatest impact in our culture -- at the home front, investing in our children's lives. You are so important - you are so valuable!  You are fulfilling the highest calling for women.

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord.  ---1 Corinthians 15:58

        Okay, about the title,  Homeschooling moms, unite!  I admit that I absolutely love to rally the troops, so to speak.  During college summers I coached beginning girl's gymnastics and especially loved building unity among the team & tending to the morale of the aspiring gymnasts at the YMCA.  Sure, teaching hand-stands & cartwheels was part of the deal, but I loved seeing the girls stay motivated with a common purpose:  progressing in their skills & preparing for meets. I adapted some of my coaching strategies later as I homeschooled the twins, feeling somewhat like a hiking guide whose role it was to keep the hikers climbing, striving, aiming for the peak --reminding them that they weren't too far from the top! 

     I also chose the title because I feel an instant bond with all of you as fellow moms & homeschoolers. We have many shared experiences as mothers --  whether it's staying up through the night with a sick baby, hearing a child start to read, or teaching the multiplication tables.  We have a mutual desire to raise children who love the Lord & love people.  Ahh -- a mother's high hopes for her kids!  That's a wonderful thing.

     With the election coming up tomorrow, let's remember that the most important things aren't happening in Washington, D.C. --- they're happening at our dinner tables, homeschool desks & living room sofas.  At the dinner table -- we're building strong families -- the very structural unit of society.  At the homeschool desks, we're teaching true history, true science, & the 3 R's.  At the living room sofa, we're teaching about Jesus as we read the Bible.  We're rocking our babies, cooking meals, nurturing our children & faithfully teaching.  Again -- there's no higher calling!

     May I suggest that we do two things this week in addition to voting (of course!) on November 6th?  Here they are:

  1)  Let's talk to our children about the beauty of marriage -- how wonderful & natural it is for a man & woman to love each other.  

     Share (again or anew) how you & your husband met -- the story of your falling in love, & details of your wedding day as they look through your wedding album.  As a girl, I used to love looking at the pages of my parents' wedding album, enjoying each & every photo -- seeing my mom walk down the aisle with my granddad, scrutinizing the pearls & details of her gown, looking at my dad's dashing groomsmen -- vows exchanged at the altar, the first dance, the three-tiered cake at the reception.  

   2) Let's talk to our children about the sacredness of life -- & how precious each of them (individually) are to us.

     Retell the story of your first sonogram -- seeing the heart beat, keeping track of each day's development, the weight, the movements, the growth... how God gives life... that life begins at conception.  Let them hear us speak often about the sacredness of every human life...   I always liked to say, "You are an unrepeatable miracle!" to each of the twins at different times. 

     I'd like to share this poem with you.  Written by Fay Inchfawn --


Your High Calling

Mother, whoever you may be,

You may think long and earnestly

Of your high calling.  Pondering

The undreamed honor of the thing;

Learning how God, through you, would plan

To be well known to every man.

And through your arms would gather fast

The whole world to His heart at last.


     Homeschooling moms, unite!  ...Talk to you soon...  Enjoy the day!