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Jan 10, 2014

Homeschool Diplomas

Diane Kummer

I receive many questions from parents relating to homeschool diplomas. Some parents are fearful about diplomas and want answers that will help them separate fact from fiction.

Let’s start with a definition. A diploma is a document bearing witness that a prescribed course of study has been completed. You, as the parent, prescribe a course of study for your teen, and when he or she completes the course of study, you may award a homeschool diploma! HSLDA attorneys have answered 18 of the most frequently asked questions regarding homeschool diplomas. 

Military recruiters, the vast majority of colleges and employers, and the federal government all recognize homeschool diplomas. You may create your own diploma (be sure it looks professional and follow these tips) or you may want to purchase a diploma from HSLDA that can also be personalized. 

Homeschool diplomas are recognized by the federal government for federal financial aid purposes. However, some colleges may erroneously inform you that your teen needs a GED for federal financial aid. It may help to make a copy of the information provided at this link to provide to a college that is misinformed. HSLDA members may contact the legal department for advice if a college does not recognize your homeschool diploma or if it insists on your teen earning a GED.

More help for college bound students and job seekers when encountering anyone who is hesitant to accept a homeschool diploma may be found here.