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Jul 15, 2014

Guidance Counselor Tips

Carol Becker

As homeschooling parents, we feed our families, raise our children, designs school courses, teach multiple subjects, fill out transcripts, host graduation parties, and provide career counseling. So many hats; so little time! Not surprisingly, the most challenging role can be helping our teens consider the myriad of career opportunities available out in the big wide world. Some choices require college degrees. Others need community college certifications.  Still more depend upon special vocational training. Personality/aptitude/career testing can be our best friend. Helping students match their skills, interests, and personality traits with appropriate career options is an invaluable tool for homeschooling parents.

Check out ASVAB. Although designed originally by the US Department of Defense to help military recruits match interests and skills to military training programs, this free nationally normed test has been redesigned to help young adults understand how skills, interests, and character play a pivotal role in choosing a career. The ASVAB Career Exploration program begins with a 90 question survey that determines a student’s top three interest codes: artistic, realistic, investigative, social, conventional, and enterprising. Over 500 careers have been categorized by various combinations of these six interest codes. Many schools and community colleges offer ASVAB testing although some charge a reasonable site testing fee. To find a nearby testing site, contact an Education Services Specialist at 1-800-323-0513.

Check out Ucipher Graduate. This 45-minute to 1-hour test is offered online for $39. Students receive a 12-page report that includes an evaluation of personal motivation, viable skills, personality preferences, leadership strengths, and educational requirements that will help young adults see what industry fields are a good fit for them

Check out Career Direct.  This 45-miinute to 1-hour test is offered online for $80 (without a consultant).  Co-founder Larry Burkett has produced an assessment test using biblical principles of personality, interest, skills and values.  Applicants receive three personalized reports plus an action plan to begin pursuing their goals.

For more options, check out HSLDA personality/aptitude/career testing webpage. Knowing that God has great plans for our teens, let’s begin the process to determine viable career goals and options for our teens after the homeschooling years are done.