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Jul 13, 2012

Greetings from NC! Join me as I chronicle our trip...

MaryAnn Gaver


Hi moms!

Alas!  A culminating trip to commemorate the end of eleven years of home teaching.  Although it's an ending (sort of) -- it's also a great beginning to a whole new chapter of life for all of us. 

Can it be?  A summer where I'm not already thinking of what curriculum we're going to use, what classes the guys need to take, what books to get ....

A time to stroll on the beach, hearing the sound of the surf,  taking in the wild, salty air as we talk, laugh,  then stop talking.....

 A time to reflect on all that God has done  -- a time to truly enjoy one another, spending  time together as a family.  Dad and sons are walking ahead as I pray silently.  It's a simple prayer, "Lord, Thank You. Thank You. Thank You  For everything! "

.... a time to give God thanks for His display of beauty, majesty and grandeur as the powerful waves crash directly in front of us.  The rushing cold water feels refreshing on our feet as we walk on...

Rare, natural and beautiful -- that's how I'd describe this  island.  It's part of the Smith Island complex, named after Langrave Thomas Smith, a wealthy merchant of the 1700's.  Some know the place as Bald Head Island which apparently got its name from mariners who saw a rather barren headland from their seaward approach.   Seeing the sparce grasses that sprout from the dunes, I can definitely see how they came up with the name.

The island's southeastern tip forms Cape Fear, one of 3 important capes with a major role in seafaring history.  That's where we are right  this minute -- Cape Fear!  The infamous Cape Fear named by mariners in centuries past for its sometimes foreboding hurricanes and shipwrecks.  It's hard to imagine -- because at the moment  it's peaceful and quiet,  and feels like you're in a rather lush and secluded paradise.

The guys are walking ahead so I've gotta run.....

Talk to you tomorrow!