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Feb 8, 2013

Fact #2 About Homeschooling

MaryAnn Gaver

      My husband, Jay, snapped this picture while we were on the golf course a few years back.  I shared my zeal for physical fitness with my young sons that spring, and attempted to hit an elusive golf ball, if only to teach the guys to never give up.

      The music world knows the importance of teachers.   Whenever you read a musician's bio, it always mentions the teacher with whom the student studied.  For instance, the famous classical guitarist, Christopher Parkening, in his Guitar Method, Vol. 1 book, tells the story of doing a master class with renowned Maestro Andres' Segovia.  Parkening says, "The time I spent learning from him was one of the greatest experiences of my life."

     In academic and sport's circles, picking the right instructor is vitally important.  In other words, it's not just what a student studies that's important -- but who they study with.

     So simple, yet so true -- 

   Fact #2 about homeschooling:  Your kids will be like you. 

      Students are like their teachers.

       In parenting, it's a scary thought actually.  Our kids will be like us!  Very sobering.   It makes us rely on God way more.

      As I taught the twins and as my own teaching philosophy emerged, I felt that it was my job to encourage them in every area of their lives:  spiritually, academically, musically, socially and physically.  I took this task very seriously. 

     Often, I said, "You can learn that difficult song.  Or -- you can do those algebra problems.  You can definitely become a top hitter in baseball.  Just keep practicing!"


   Justin and I stand outside of Strathmore after one of his lessons at Levine School.  I learned that it was critical to have the right teacher for musical study because a student becomes like his instructor. 


    This picture was taken on our back deck right before we left for Austin's spring recital in 2010.  Over our eleven year of homeschooling, I tried to instill in the boys a love for beautiful music.

     I blog about some of the ups & downs as a music mom in Life Lessons Learned From Telemann, An Early Christmas Giftand 1,976 Empty Seats.  I hope you'll be inspired by these stories.        

      Ironically, the boys helped and encouraged me to swing a golf club -- to at least try. They had a few lessons the summer before and were more than happy to share what they learned.  Of course, I felt like a total clutz, but the twins were patient with me.  As I tilted the club back, Austin said,  "Mom, don't look up. Just keep hitting!"

     "Keep your eye on the ball, and hit it!" Justin chimed in.

      I swung and missed dozens of times, but the most important thing I learned that afternoon was not about golf.  I discovered that the boys were a lot like me after all -- enthusiastic.  I realized that my example as a mom was extremely important....

     Encourage your kids, and they'll encourage you one day.  Keep teaching.  May God bless you!  



      A good example is the best sermon.  --- Anon.