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Jan 31, 2013

Fact #1 About Homeschooling

MaryAnn Gaver

     "We came all this way to explore the Moon, and the most important thing is that we discovered the Earth."   --- Astronaut William Anders

     Before leaving the National Air and Space Museum with my father-in-law that evening in 2009, I was handed a souvenir bag/packet at the exit.  As we pushed the door open to the warm night air,  I reflected on the evening's events -- NASA's celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.  "Wow. What a memorable event," I thought.  Of course, I also wondered what was in the packet and couldn't wait to open it...  

      Inside, along with other items, was a magnificent (NASA) picture taken of the earth as the astronauts came from behind the Moon during the Apollo 8 mission of 1968. It's not the picture above, but is similar.  We hung it in the homeschool room and I still love to look at it.  

     What does this have to do with homeschooling?  Well, as teachers, as moms -- we set out to teach our kids, but end up learning some fascinating things ourselves.      

   Here's the first fact about homeschooling:  You will learn the most.

     If you've homeschooled very long, you can probably attest to this fact.  And if you're brand new to teaching, I'm sure you'll find this to be true once you get going. 

     When I started out teaching at home, I thought that the hardest part would be coordinating everything, staying organized, and teaching each subject effectively.  But, you know what?  The hardest part for me was accepting the spiritual lessons that came along with being a teacher and practicing things like patience, love, and gentleness towards my kids. I learned that I had a lot to learn! 

    I guess the bottom line is that we're always learning, always growing, always discovering right along with our kids.  Through it all, the Lord is teaching us.  And that's a wonderful thing about homeschooling.

     When you have a moment, please check out The Man Behind the Camera: A Tribute To My Father-in-law and read the story of how a very special night at the Air and Space Museum impacted my home teaching.

    Enjoy learning today!  God bless you.