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May 8, 2013

Encourage Your Family, And Your Family Will Encourage You

MaryAnn Gaver

"I have absolutely no desire to learn how to swing a golf club and hit that elusive white ball.  Why don't you three go?" I said that spring afternoon.

"Mommy, come with us. We'll teach you," Justin pleaded as he looked up at me without blinking his hazel eyes...

So I reluctantly tagged along to the golf course with Jay and the boys that day.

I thought to myself, "All of this (golf talk) started last summer -- by me, the coach."

...It was not my practice to enroll the twins in camps.  We had enough to do in the summer --  travel, swim, household projects, etc.   -- but when I saw that ad in the local paper for an affordable, half-day, Mon. - Fri. golf camp -- I thought that would appeal to my two active ten- year- olds.

  Well, they loved the experience, learned a little about golf, and then wanted to show and teach their parents all that they learned!

That is why I was at the golf course that day.

...Now it's my turn to tee up. And you know what?  With Jay and the boys' ongoing encouragement, I actually hit that ball a few dozen yards! It felt good to hit after missing the ball altogether for at least four or five times in a row. 

"Mommy, don't look up.  Just keep hitting,"  Austin repeated at the start of each nine holes.

Here's my point: Once in a while, I think it's nice to let our kids teach us something. Give them that chance. After all, we champion them every day -- now it's time to put the proverbial shoe on the other foot to let them become teachers and encouragers too!

Stay faithful!  And don't forget to get outside this spring for some fresh air and exercise.

And if you ever have a chance to hit a golf ball -- try it. But, don't look up. Just keep hitting!