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Jan 14, 2013

Do You Need a Guidance Counselor?

Diane Kummer

At the end of one of my seminars during a speaking engagement, a man told me that he was grateful for the information I shared, but he wondered who would be his teen’s “guidance counselor” in the coming days.  I said, “I’m happy to be your teen’s guidance counselor!”  Guidance counselors direct parents and teens to helpful information regarding future plans – college, career, or the military.  As an HSLDA high school consultant, I can help you find the same type of information. 

The high school section of HSLDA’s website is full of information that you can share with your teen. 

  • Does your teen need career advice and direction?  (Check out sources 1, 2, and 3
  • Do you need help as you walk through the college admissions process as a homeschooler? (Sources: 1 and 2)

There are many more questions that may be on your mind as a parent teaching high school at home.  You may find that past issues of the HSLDA high school email newsletters answer many of your questions.  Check out the many topics we’ve covered here.

Although the high school section of the website covers many areas including transcripts, diplomas, evaluation of credit, grading guidelines, and more, HSLDA members can feel free to email or call me or Becky Cooke with your specific high school questions, and we are happy to help you or direct you to useful resources.

And, don’t forget to regularly check the Teaching Tips section of the Homeschooling Now blog!  Each Thursday Becky or I post an entry to keep you and your teen on the right track during the high school years!  For example, could you use some tips for teaching study skills, planning the college visit, or recordkeeping for high school? 

Were the links listed above helpful to you?  Do you have suggestions for other areas of information that would benefit parents of teens?