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Mar 7, 2013

The Discovery Drawer

MaryAnn Gaver

    What do you do with the kid's tiny (but important, to them anyway) little things that they collect? I would love to hear your ideas! 

    All kinds of trinkets -- from little magnets to golf tees to "special' rocks -- what's a mother to do? Yo-yos, harmonicas, feathers...   

     Maybe it's just me, but I really struggled with this. How to stay organized and streamlined?  Hmm... 

    Thankfully, the items were small -- stray Lego pieces, fake Civil War buttons, colorful guitar picks, and unique (really?) coins.  The "rare" erasers and "one-of-a-kind" airplane pencil sharpeners.

     Finally, I got to the point where I sacrificially designated one whole kitchen drawer to be officially named The Discovery Drawer that the family could use for any "collectible" whether it was found outdoors or indoors. The only rule was that nothing living (frogs, bugs, etc.) could be placed in the drawer! 

    The Discovery Drawer ended up being a conglomeration of natural and man-made items collected until the drawer could hardly close. Then we cleaned it and started all over again.  I guess that it worked well, but I'd love to hear how you handle (or handled) this dilemma in your house. Your ideas might encourage other moms!