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Apr 4, 2013

Conference Season

Becky Cooke

Spring and summer are the seasons for state homeschool conventions. Are you planning to attend one? It will be well worth your time and money. How?

The vendor halls are chocked full of wonderful resources for you to see and handle. You’ll have opportunity to talk with the publishers or their representatives about their materials. Many times you’ll be able to see portions of the curriculum demonstrated or sit in on a short session that explains how to use it to its fullest advantage. If you have questions, they can be easily answered here. You’ll also be able to ask other parents for recommendations and reviews. Plan to leave plenty of time to spend in these halls.

Another benefit of attending conventions is the variety and quantity of seminars and workshops to attend. Many conventions offer sessions geared to teaching high school. You’ll find that what you can learn in one hour will save you much time in trying to search for the information on your own. You’ll usually have opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation. In addition, you can meet the speaker and receive answers to individualized questions you have.

Hopefully, you’ll save time to meet friends and make new friends during the weekend. It’ll encourage you that you’re not alone during these years. What a surprise you may get to hear that other parents might be facing the same situation with which you are grappling! The Lord may use that family to solve your dilemma.

Many conventions offer children and teen tracks with special sessions and activities. Encourage your children to attend even if they are hesitant. It won’t take them long to make friends whom they may want to meet again the following year. They, too, will learn valuable information while having fun. One mom told me that their children talked nonstop all the way home, recounting their experiences.

If you plan to attend the MassHOPE convention in Worcester, MA, on April 26-27, please come to the high school sessions so I can meet you. I’ll be giving workshops on continuing the journey through high school, developing a high school pan, transcripts, college admissions, and recordkeeping tips.