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Jun 15, 2013

Celebrate Father's Day

MaryAnn Gaver

     What characteristics stand out to you as you think of your father? What do you admire most about him? Perhaps it's his gentle manner or quick smile. Maybe it's his generous nature, or his wit and wisdom. Now matter what good things we remember about our dads, I'd like to encourage all of us not only to give tribute to our fathers, but to think of ways we can express appreciation to our husbands in their vital roles as dads.

     If ever we needed strong leaders and men of outstanding character -- it's now! If ever we needed men of integrity and honesty -- it's now! If ever we needed faithful husbands who are excellent examples to our children -- today's the day! 

      I realize that there's absolutely no way I could've homeschooled the twins without my husband Jay's support, encouragement and help. Even though I did most of the teaching, he was there throughout the many times I wanted to quit (See the blog, Don't Jump Ship) and was always such a great example to the boys and me. 

     When I think of my dad, one thing that stands out to me, is his strong, confident voice. At a slim six feet tall, he's still the consummate pilot in my eyes. And who wouldn't expect a pilot to be calm and clear in demeanor and voice

       Saturday morning, many years ago.  We drove through the winding roads to Laytonsville, MD....  Time to fly with dad.  He pulled his station wagon into Davis airport's gravel parking lot with all five of us in tow (I know that my mom stayed home in order to get some things done while we were out).  The four of us girls followed our brother and walked about ten feet from the parking lot to the tiny "office" just off the airport's 2-plane hangar.  

    ...We loved this place because it had a Coke machine! We weren't usually allowed to have soda, so we took turns putting coins in the machine and watched as cold, green glass bottles landed on the bottom of the machine with one swift thud. Our eyes popped open wide as we stood there sipping our own cokes! What a treat. Now I know why my father had briskly escorted us inside. Part of the taxi-way was located right outside the back entrance!

    ... My turn to fly. Right co-pilot seat this time. Before we taxied down the runway, my dad  yelled, "Clear prop!" in his deep, commanding voice. Maybe it was for effect, or maybe it was in case there was someone or something near the plane. As for airport escapades, see Good Communication.

     Then, in contrast to that authoritative tone, every night he'd tuck us into bed and say, "Love you. God bless you," as he slowly closed the door of our dark room. He had (and still has) the most pleasant voice. 

      Whatever you do, wherever you go this Father's Day, I encourage you to not only honor your father, but to express love and appreciation to your husband, too.

      Enjoy the weekend!