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Sep 5, 2012

Bright Spots - One Small Girl With One Large Heart For Missions [Part 1]

Charity Klicka

   "Closer to home in missions we have a young lady here who is going to give us a little bit of insight into some opportunities in Mexico, so why don’t you welcome little Eme Eskaros," announced Lloyd Pulley, Senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge (CCOB) in Old Bridge, NJ as Eme walked on stage.

   10-year-old homeschooler Eden Eskaros had visited Mexico the year before with her family to help out Steve and Kathy Yoshimi in ministry, sharing the Gospel and other outreach opportunities. 

Eme was taken aback by the plight of the native people of Mexico.

   “They live literally in a cement box,” she recalled after seeing one family.  “And they have no bed, so they break up cardboard boxes and sleep on that.”

   But what struck her most was the little children (1 out of 20) without shoes.

   “…The ground there is all this broken up gravel, and sharp sticks so if you’re walking on it, your feet are going to get really ripped up,” Eme explained of the ground in the remote parts of Mexico.

   “One of the little girls just started bawling because she couldn’t play with (others) because the ground there cuts up their feet, so her sister actually came with her pair of shoes and they shared — and they’re hopping around on one foot.”

   That scene left a lasting effect on Eme, and as soon as she returned home from Mexico she produced a plan of action.

   After Pastor Pulley’s introduction, Eme began to speak, “Hi I’m Eme,” and then she asked if a video could be played up on the big screen behind her. What began to play was a video collage of photos from her trip to Mexico the year before.

   “In that video you just got to see some of the really neat things God did with our team last year as we served alongside Steve and Kathy Yoshimi down in Mexico. I am SO excited that I get to go again this year!”

   Eme then explained how she and her mom prayed about shoes for the children in Mexico, and then wrote letters to local shoe stores asking for donations of shoes to help reach their goal of bringing 100 pairs of shoes down with them on their upcoming trip to Mexico.

    One shoe store had donated 43 pairs of shoes. “And I figured that our church wouldn’t want to be outdone by a local shoe store,” Eme laughed as she addressed her church.

   Her church was touched by her love for the people of Mexico, and ended up donating over 1,000 pairs of shoes. Eme and her family went back to Mexico in August of 2011 with 1,352 pairs of shoes packed into numerous suitcases.

   “This miracle was happening in my life and that I was able to witness it,” said Eme. “It was amazing.”

   Stay tuned for part Two on how Homeschooling has been at the very heart of everything God has done in and through Eden Eskaros and her missions