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Jun 26, 2013

The 4-Year High School Planning Form

Diane Kummer

One of the things I enjoy as I fly to various homeschool conferences is the view from my airplane seat.  Talk about getting the big picture!  Many things are actually clearer from a view thousand miles above the ground, and I appreciate seeing how various locations “fit together” from my view high in the sky.  The 4-year high school planning form is a tool you can use to provide you with a bird’s eye view of the high school years.

Using the 4-year plan form in the resource list helps you to track courses already taken, courses yet to be taken, and the progression of courses that makes the most sense for your teen. The sample high school plans in the Guide to Homeschooling through High School  provide recommendations for courses you may want to consider depending on your teen’s future plans. Realize that these sample plans are not requirements – they are merely suggestions that can provide you with a frame of reference as you consider high school courses for your teen. Make several copies of the 4 year plan and certainly use pencil only! Your four year plan may change from year to year as your teen has a better understanding of the direction the Lord may have for him/her following high school graduation. 

Chart the core academic courses in math, English, science, history, and foreign language, as well as the elective courses that your teen will complete.  Make the 4 year plan work for you – be comfortable when making changes – nothing needs to be set in stone.  You’ll be able to choose courses carefully in the 9th – 11th grade years so that you’ll have some flexibility in the 12th grade year.

Remember that your 4 year plan will not – and should not! – look the same as your friend’s four year plan. The beauty of homeschooling is the ability to customize a plan that suits your teen’s academic abilities, future goals, and career interests. 

The 4 year plan form is meant to help you organize your thoughts, chart progress, and have an understanding of what needs to be accomplished in future years. If your teen is college bound, be sure to check websites of the colleges to which he/she will apply in order to know what the high school credit requirements are for admission to each college. Then double check your 4 year plan to be sure that you are covering the bases in all subject areas.

If you are an HSLDA member and would like to chat about your 4 year plan, feel free to call Becky Cooke or me.

Use the 4 year plan form to give you the best view of the high school years!