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J. Michael Smith, Esq., HSLDA President

1/13/2011 (9PM EST)
Blessing Your Children with Words of Praise
J. Michael Smith, Esq., HSLDA President

Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Although they may not realize it, parents often inflict deep scars on their children, not only by using negative, condemning words, but by withholding praise and affirmation. HSLDA President Mike Smith wants to help you overcome poor communication habits so that your children can experience your words as a blessing, not rejection. Using James 3:1–10 as a model, Mike will explain how we can use words to edify and build each other up, rather than having them hurt and tear others down. Join us to discover how to use your tongue as an instrument of blessing and develop a positive relationship with your child that lasts for the rest of your lives!