March 20, 2003
Pelletier v. Maine Principals Association
Maine family denied right to participate in private school sports

Nature of Case: In Maine, many homeschoolers can operate under Chapter 130. Under state law, these homeschoolers are allowed to play on public school sports teams, and for years, they have been allowed to play sports on private school teams without any problem.

The Executive Director for the Maine Principals' Association recently distributed a letter claiming that Chapter 130 homeschoolers could not play for private schools located outside their public school district of residence. Nothing in the law has changed, but the MPA has decided to take a hard stance on this issue.

Mr. and Mrs. P's children have for many years participated in track at a small Christian school. They are sincerely motivated by religion to homeschool, which extends to extracurricular activities. They will not use the local public school, even for athletic activities. Because of the MPA's new ruling, their two children will not be able to participate in track this year.

Status: HSLDA filed a complaint for the Pelletiers on March 18, 2003.

Last Updated: March 19, 2003.

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