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State Agency Reverses Anti-Homeschool Diploma Policy
After months of refusing to respond to HSLDA’s advocacy on behalf of a homeschool graduate applying for work, a state agency finally agreed to stop discriminating.

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Adopted Kids Win Equal Treatment

Say “No” to More Government Data Tracking

“Sorry, the State Trashed Your Records. Get a GED.”

School Districts Forcing Troubled Students to Homeschool

“Truancy Court” Case Was about Helping a Real Family

Your Voices Bring Improvements for College-Bound Homeschoolers

Police Jobs Now Open to Homeschooled Applicants

Case Closed: No Re-Investigation Needed

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Get Inside Your Preschooler’s Mind: An Interview with Vicki Bentley
Thinking about homeschooling your preschooler? Guess what: you already are! This week on Homeschool Heartbeat, Vicki Bentley shares some preschool tips you won’t want to miss.
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April 25: Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Homeschooled Siblings are Three-fourths of UMW String Quartet

April 24:
Fight Rages for Falsely Accused Homeschool Mom

April 14: PBS Newshour
Growing Number of Military Families Opt for Homeschool

April 3: Portland Press Herald, Portland, Maine
Maine Parents Embracing the Lessons of Homeschooling

March 30: The Houston Chronicle, Houston, Texas
Homeschool Stars become a New Talent Pool for College Programs

March 21: Daily Journal, Kankakee, Illinois
More Parents Homeschooling Children

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Parents to school board: Follow the law!


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Home Schooling Expands Around the Globe
Families in nations around the world look at our home schooling freedoms in awe. Many are willing to sacrifice and pay any price for similar opportunities.

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Judge Rules Social Worker Fear Tactics Unconstitutional
A federal court in Arizona has ruled that an unsupported threat to place children in custody, made to coerce cooperation with a social services investigation, violates the constitutional guarantee of family privacy and integrity.


Eighth Circuit Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Homeschoolers
A federal appeals court ruled unanimously in favor of HSLDA members Ron and Joann Fitzgerald on Wednesday and held that school districts may not force homeschooled children to submit to special—needs evaluations against their parents' wishes.


Combs, et al, v. Homer—Center School District, et al
Families claim religious exemption from home education law


In the Appeal of George R. Theiss
HSLDA successful in getting veteran’s benefits reinstated.

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Charter Schools

Colleges and Universities


Parental Rights


Religious Freedom


U.S. Military

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 May 2016 

5, 2016 : Cheektowaga, NY
Buffalo Catholic Homeschool Conference

6, 2016 : Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville Catholic Homeschool Conference

12-14, 2016 : Sandusky, OH
Teach Them Diligently Sandusky Ohio Homeschool Convention

13, 2016 : Wallbridge, OH
Toledo Catholic Homeschool Conference

13-14, 2016 : North Charleston, SC
Lowcountry Homeschool Convention