Some features of this Group Services section are available only to our Discount Groups and Affiliates. To register for log-in access, you will need your group’s name, the zip code of the organization you represent, and the access code provided in your Discount Group or Affiliate confirmation letter or email. If you do not have this information, please contact Group Services.

Referral Rewards Affiliate Program

Any business or organization with an EIN (federal tax ID number) is eligible for our Referral Rewards Affiliate program (individuals do not qualify). Although this is not limited to homeschool groups, the information below will guide you through the process for a homeschool group.

Your group may qualify to become an HSLDA Referral Rewards Affiliate. In addition to the qualifying group discount and the HSF grant eligibility—your group would automatically get $20 per new membership just for providing that link. That means a group member who joins HSLDA saves $20 and you receive $20. (If you become an HSLDA Affiliate before you qualify as a Discount Group, you are at least getting “credit” for new members who are also building your Discount Group base.)

It’s easy! Once you sign up for the HSLDA Referral Rewards Affiliate Program, you’ll receive a unique hyperlink assigned to you that you can post on your website. We’ll even provide sample wording for your newsletter or website.

NOTE: As of August 2016, clicking the Affiliate link is the only means to receive credit. For bookkeeping reasons, we are no longer able to award credit for those applying on paper or at conferences, nor can we apply credit retroactively.

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions about the Affiliate Program.