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HSLDA is pleased to announce the winners of its 9th annual Photography Contest!

Congratulates to the winners and finalists, as well as to the many other students whose imaginative photos delighted, entertained, and moved us!

Students from across the country were invited to submit photographs following themes based on the students’ ages. There were many wonderful, creative photos submitted in each category, and HSLDA congratulates all of the students on such beautiful entries! We thank each and every student for their contribution to making this contest so successful.

Photo Themes:
Category 1 (ages 7-10): My Favorite
Category 2 (ages 11-14): My World
Category 3 (ages 15-19): My Perspective

View the winning photos below, accompanied by thoughts from some of the photographers.

Quality Control Note: The photos displayed here are scans of the original winning photographs. The scanning may distort some of the original color and clarity, occasionally making it seem like certain photos may have undergone editing techniques beyond those permitted in the contest rules (cropping and changes in brightness, contrast, and color, applied to the photo as a whole). The judging panel carefully examined each photo and if necessary investigated how photos were taken to ensure that these photos adhere to the rules stated in the contest guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact the Contest Coordinator at Contests@hslda.org.

Category I

First Place

Amy Patten

Plover, Wisconsin

Category II

First Place

Deirdre Moylan

Tucson, Arizona

In her words: “I think it’s interesting to take a photo of something that happens everyday, something that is here now but is a passing moment that won’t be here forever.”

Category III

First Place

Emily Erickson
Colorado Springs, Colorado

In her own words: “I took this photo to capture the intriguing imagination of a child’s world. This unique perspective portrays the view from inside a doll house and what might be experienced if this tiny world could come alive. It is fascinating when we take the time to view the world in a way that is different from usual.”

Second Place

Annemarie Haas

Oakton, Virginia

In her own words: “The picture shows the excitement and motion of a little boy riding his favorite horse on a carousel. I used manual mode at 1/20 sec, f/6.3 and ISO 125. The camera was mounted on a tripod and turned while taking the picture. A single focus point kept the boy’s face in focus and the slow shutter speed blurred the background.’

Second Place

Krista Frodigh
Annandale, Virginia

Second Place

Paul Vermeesch
Charlevois, Michigan

In his own words : “Perspective” is a word charged with a remarkable potential for compositions that make the viewer look at the image twice—to question what they see. That’s the goal of this image. Its sense of motion defies the viewers’ expectations of the scene they should be seeing. The set-up involved tacking pencils, paper, and chess pieces to the under-side of a desk, and lighting the composition from underneath. A few drops of green coloring in the glass of water to complete the “scientific” look, a bucket to pour the water into, and I had my photographs of gravity-defying liquid. It’s an effect that you could easily try yourself!

Third Place

Emma Edler

Clarksville, TN

Third Place

Cabe Dey
New Bloomfield, Missouri

Third Place

Abby Tran
Rice, Virginia

In her own words: “If we give way to the darkness of this world, refusing to allow our inner light to shine, we sacrifice our medicine on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in nothing and chasing worthless dreams. We have a God—given joy—a reason to laugh and be happy‐one that should be shared.”

Honorable Mention

Haden Barr

Midlothian, Virginia


Martha Montgomery

Saint Charles, Missouri


Honorable Mention

Janna Klein
Burton, Ohio

In her words: “The world is obsessed with looks and beauty. This photo depicts how this vanity can even effect children; believing they are not good enough for this world and forgetting that they are children of God.”


Natalie Morgan
Sanford, Florida

Honorable Mention

Julie Platt

Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

Elizabeth Krohn

West Rutland, Vermont

Noah Brand
Findlay, Ohio

Caden Elliott
Bayfield, Colorado

Julia Hubbarb
Greer, South Carolina

Emma Jefferson
Jefferson City, Missouri

Eva Lee
Armed Forces

Jared Minagawa
Auburn, Washington

Kelsey Paap
Fort Knox, Kentucky

Jordan Readling
Salisbury, North Carolina

Jade Robinson
Denver, Pennsylvania

Claire Smith
Asheboro, North Carolina

Joshua Tate
Magnolia, Mississippi

Lydia Van Farowe
Cypress, Texas

Davis Ward
Upland, California

Katherine Wells
Mount Airy, Maryland

Natalea Andersen
Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Brigid Baugh
Merrionette Park, Illinois

Michaela Bertic
Tampa, Florida

Abigail LePage
Lawrence, Kansas

Ivy Mayhew
Live Oak, Florida

Conor McNamara
New York City, New York

Natalie Morgan
Sanford, Florida

Deirdre Moylan
Tucson, Arizona

Lina Nahnas
Beavercreek, Ohio

Ben Patten
Plover, Wisconsin

Morgan Readling
Salisbury, North Carolina

Dawson Rogers
Union, Kentucky

Ashley Shrader
Hesperia, California

Timothy Shumate
San Bernardino, California

John Simmons, Jr.
North Hampton, New Hampshire

Danny Tipton
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Patrick Blaisure
Raton, New Mexico

Adam DeBacker
Springfield, Missouri

Ellie Hooper
Stonewall, Louisiana

Karinna Johnston
Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Natalie Larson
Sykesville, Maryland

Kalena Otsubo
Oak Grove, Missouri

Cherilyn Rainer
Taylors, South Carolina

Lexi Rockwell
Savannah, Virginia

Lilly Smith
Weaverville, North Carolina

Kennedee True
Casper, Wyoming

Paul Vermeesch
Charlevoix, Michigan

Kylee Waswick
Hamilton, Michigan