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 In The News (2016 Archive)

February 6:
Homeschool Athletes on the Rise

February 5: Times-News, Twin Falls, Idaho
Homeschooling Interest on the Rise, Parents Organize

February 4: Journal-Star, Lincoln, Nebraska
Latest State Ed Proposal for Homeschool Rules Make Both Sides Happy

February 3: Independent Mail, Anderson, South Carolina
Co-ops are Growing as Homeschooling becomes More Popular

February 1: PBS Newshour
One Homeschooled Christian Family Band’s Mission to Elect Ted Cruz

February 1: The News and Advance, Lynchburg, Virginia
Bill Advances to Allow Homeschool Students to Compete in VHSL Athletics

January 29: Black Star, Atlanta, Georgia
Racism Concerns Drive More Black Parents to Consider Homeschooling

January 28: The Telegraph, Macon, Georgia
Homeschool Option across Middle Georgia Comes with Benefits, Hurdles

January 21: World magazine
Home Education on the Rise in Europe

January 20:
How These Parents Work and Homeschool Too

January 15: News Mail, Brisbane, Australia
Homeschooling: Personal Approach Creates Harmony

January 15: The Christian Post
Social Worker Investigates Homeschool Family Amid Claims Children Are “Unsocialized”

January 13: Tyler Star News, Sistersville, West Virginia
Head of School Board Pulls Own Children From District

January 16:
District Loses, Homeschool Mom Not Guilty

January 4:
Concerns about Racism Help Drive More African-Americans to Homeschool

January 2: Forbes
The Reverse Tebow: Teens With Athletic Aspirations Leave High School For Homeschool

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