March 21, 2013

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Homeschoolers Help Stop Raytown Daytime Curfew

On August 28, 2012, KCTV5 published a story that Raytown, MO, was pushing a daytime curfew ordinance. The next day a homeschooler alerted FHE (Families for Home Education). FHE President Brad Haines promptly set up an appointment to meet with the Raytown city attorney, mayor, and chief of police the next day. HSLDA quickly sent an e-lert asking families to call Raytown aldermen to oppose the daytime curfew.

With phone calls from many homeschool families and Haines’ intervention, the tide turned and the pace of action slowed down. The daytime curfew was taken off the agenda for the Board of Aldermen meeting.

Haines subsequently persuaded the proponents of the plan to drop the daytime curfew concept. He suggested instead a simple truancy ordinance that would dovetail with existing state law.

In an action that protected the freedom of young people to move about freely and normally, on February 19 the Board of Aldermen enacted a simple truancy ordinance. It creates an additional way to enforce existing compulsory attendance law (i.e., as an ordinance violation), but without a daytime curfew.